At Home Take-out



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Chinese take-out is one of our family’s favorite treats. When a friend suggested we have a Chinese night at home, I jumped on the chance to make some of our favorites at home. I have made Sweet and Sour chicken before, but always shied away from other dishes that I thought would be too complex.

I decided to try making both lo mein and egg rolls. I was soooo delighted with how the egg rolls turned out, I had to share.

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Garden Tally Tuesday: Time to Butcher, Again




We had one really cool day this week, so I felt comfortable butchering a couple of rabbits. I butchered two rabbits (at 10 weeks) which gave me 2 lbs of ground rabbit meat, two hides to tan, and a gallon of soup stock.

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Garden Tally Tuesday: More Canning Please




It sure has been dry around here lately. I have been trying to water the garden enough so that I can do another batch of canning, but my efforts haven’t been enough. We picked peaches at a neighbor’s house in exchange for a couple peach crisps. They are so sweet smelling coming out of the water bath. And their pink flesh is so pretty.

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New Chickens… New Predators



My new pullets!! I think that their grayish blue feathers are beautiful. They are a cross between an Easter Egger and a Barred Rock.



With new additions comes new lose. I lost two of the other pullets that we raised from chicks. This time the predator didn’t take them away. It just ate the entrails and left the carcasses behind.


We tied hay string across the top of the run to try and keep out any flying predators. I really hope that this works, I am tired of losing birds.

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Real Food Review


There are lots of reasons why I have decided to grow as much of our own food as we can. But one of the major reasons is to avoid pesticides, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. While I love to make meals and snacks from scratch, being a working mom, I don’t always have the time.

So I have decided to introduce another segment. “Real Food Review” will explore purchased products that claim to be free of additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. I will share with you everything from packaging to taste… and my opinion of whether or not the product is of enough quality to be called “REAL FOOD”!!

Let’s get to the first review…

 Stacy’s Pita Crisps: Simply Naked


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Garden Tally Tuesday: Growing Places Indy


This weekend I was on the road again to attend my cousin’s wedding. The pre-wedding festivities included a visit to some of downtown Indianapolis.


Right in the middle of the area we visited is a riverwalk and a garden! The garden is taken care of by Growing Places Indy, a non-profit organization that is focused on urban agriculture.




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Rabbit Rundown: Momma Gets a Break



The babies are eating pellets and drinking water like crazy. All is well, and I think that Momma rabbit is ready to enjoy some alone time.


They are growing so fast, but I guess that is the point of raising rabbits. Quick growth, lean meat!


This little grey guy is my favorite. It was one that fell through the wire some how when they were very small. At that time, we brought it inside and checked it over to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. Now it seems to be one of the most friendly of the new babies.


It’s fur is white with each hair having a grey tip. I think that it is very unique.




The california colored ones are cute too.

So the plan now is to feed them and fatten them up. I hope to have them all butchered, cages cleaned, and the adult rabbits situated in permanent spots for the winter.

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