Garden Tally Tuesday: Growing Places Indy


This weekend I was on the road again to attend my cousin’s wedding. The pre-wedding festivities included a visit to some of downtown Indianapolis.


Right in the middle of the area we visited is a riverwalk and a garden! The garden is taken care of by Growing Places Indy, a non-profit organization that is focused on urban agriculture.




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Rabbit Rundown: Momma Gets a Break



The babies are eating pellets and drinking water like crazy. All is well, and I think that Momma rabbit is ready to enjoy some alone time.


They are growing so fast, but I guess that is the point of raising rabbits. Quick growth, lean meat!


This little grey guy is my favorite. It was one that fell through the wire some how when they were very small. At that time, we brought it inside and checked it over to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. Now it seems to be one of the most friendly of the new babies.


It’s fur is white with each hair having a grey tip. I think that it is very unique.




The california colored ones are cute too.

So the plan now is to feed them and fatten them up. I hope to have them all butchered, cages cleaned, and the adult rabbits situated in permanent spots for the winter.

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Rabbit Rundown: Phase 1 Weaning



All of the babies seem to be eating pellets and drinking from the water bottles. With that being said, it makes my decision to start weaning them even easier. My plan is to move the largest five into their own cage, and leave the smallest four to nurse for another week.


Hopefully this will give momma rabbit a break as well. The babies are after her non-stop.

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Rabbit Rundown: Mischief



The babies will be 3 weeks this Tuesday, and they are every where now. There is a small gap inbetween the plywood walls and the metal door so that all of the mechanisms of the door work. Well, they found that small gap and traveled into the cages of the male rabbits.

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